Profile Cutting Systems

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  1. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Manually operated portable pipe cutting machine with a chain and gear driven drive system.

  2. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Introducing the Profile Cutting Systems- Plate Edge Preparation Head. Fully rotatable 360 Degrees. Bevel cutting speciality. Automatic height sensing. POA.

  3. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Auto Picle-S is a remote control gas motorized pipe cutting machine. The optional special rail for torch tip guidance system provides high cutting accuracy and make the AUTO PICLE-S particularly suitable for large pipes.

  4. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    When you select the BURNY 10 LCD Shape-Cutting Motion Control, you are taking advantage of many of the same industry leading software features as with the advanced BURNY 10, only packaged in a compact and economical new platform.

  5. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    The PLUS is an industrial grade PC, designed to operate in extreme shop environments where temperature and humidity extremes, metal dust, RF radiation, vibration, and constant machine movement are commonplace.

  6. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    The BURNY 2.5 Plus CNC Control provides cost-efficient shape-cutting for x-y axis drive shape-cutting machinery. It has all of the same standard features as the BURNY 2.5 CNC (such as the popular 50 shape library) plus much more.

  7. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Profile Cutting Systems manufacture several different types of cutting tables from simple cutting tables to complex down draught fume extraction and air operated water displacement systems. PCS can also custom build cutting tables to suit needs

  8. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    The PCS Drill Attachment is a handy addition to fit any PCS Heavy Duty or PCS Fineline cutting machine. Manufactured to drill up to 10kw capacity, it is a superb labour saving device. POA.

  9. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Profile Cutting Systems is committed to providing excellence. That is why, with great pleasure we announce the arrival of our newest machine. The PCS FineLine.

  10. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    ALL POSITION DRIVES Convenient all position drive attachments allow cutting from any position in any direction. Heavy-duty stainless steel is used for Handy Auto drive parts and accessories.