Profile Cutting Systems

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  1. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Profile Cutting Systems is committed to providing excellence. That is why, with great pleasure we announce the arrival of our newest machine. The PCS FineLine.

  2. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    ALL POSITION DRIVES Convenient all position drive attachments allow cutting from any position in any direction. Heavy-duty stainless steel is used for Handy Auto drive parts and accessories.

  3. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Portable Single Purpose Cutting Machine. Automatically and accurately flame cuts a wide range of circle sizes.

  4. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    All functions controlled by forward/ off/reverse switch, clutch lever and speed adjustment knob. Versatility and convertability inherent in the design ensure all types of straight line, cirde, and bevel cutting are simply performed.

  5. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Not affected by intense heat and fluctuating voltage, the maximum driving mechanism ensures steady traveling. No reduction gear is employed in the mechanism. Therefore, any knocking from backlash, noise or vibration does not take place.

  6. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    The IK-54D is a quality constructed, hard-working gas shape cutter for high production accuracy.

  7. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Portable, Automatic All-Position Gas Cutting Machine For Quick Precise Cuts. Flat or multi-plane surfaces, the IK-72T can cut various types of steel shapes.

  8. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    The IK-82 Series are the most advanced magnetic tracing type gas cutters on the market. Effective modular structure greatly reduces equipment weight, and ensures ease of operation.

  9. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    The IK600 is a two-foot wide by either two or four feet long optical trace-cutting machine. The IK600 machine supports oxy/fuel and plasma cutting processes; the maximum tool load on the machine is two tools.

  10. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    Clean Cuts Are Automatic With the FineLine 100PCClean, smooth edges. Tight tolerances. Speed. Consistency. They're what you get with the FineLine 100PC precision plasma cutting system. We've even given it a brain.