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  1. Flexible Packaging

    Polyurethane polyether is an open cell, all purpose, low cost highly resilient foam used in many applications. It has good hydrolytic (water) stability, and is available in many colours.

  2. Flexible Packaging

    Precision Foam can make case inserts to suite the needs of any industry.  We specialise in inserts for pelican and storm cases but we can produce inserts to suite what ever case you have. .

  3. Flexible Packaging

    With Precision Foams die cutting, shaping, thermoforming equipment and fabrication techniques, we can accurately cut, shape and assemble an enormous range of foam and foam laminate material composites.

  4. Flexible Packaging

    Presentation is a crucial marketing tool. Precision Foam has assisted many companies in developing foam case inserts, wine bottle inserts, tool trays and display packaging which emphasize their product quality to the market place.

  5. Flexible Packaging

    Precision Foam can offer our customers the benefit of more than 25 years in the foam packaging industry. Our design facilities enable us to assist our customers from concept to completion.

  6. Flexible Packaging

    Precision Foam manufactures a wide variety of foam sponges in different shapes and sizes for the wholesale market. Foam Sponges can be used in applications such as automotive, household and personal use.

  7. General Products & Services

    Precision Foam has concentrated on developing the necessary core capabilities to be a leading converter and fabricator of foam and foam composite materials