Orwak Australia

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  1. Waste Disposal

    Large front-loaded baler for bigger food retail outlets. Now equipped with a "latch and wheel"-door lock for even safer door opening!  Capacity: up to 300 kg cardboard/450 kg plastic.

  2. Waste Disposal

    For even easier and faster loading this model of 3410 has a sliding door that opens automatically after each cycle. The baler is also equipped with an autostart function! Capacity: up to 300 kg cardboard/450 kg plastic.

  3. Waste Disposal

    Our largest and most powerful front-loading baler for really tough jobs. Capacity: up to 450 kg cardboard.

  4. Waste Disposal

    Large and powerful front-loaded baler with extra generous loading aperture. Sliding door and autostart for efficient waste management!  Capacity: up to 500 kg cardboard.

  5. Waste Disposal

    Top-loaded bin compactor for bins up to 1100 liters. Compaction into different bins takes care of mixed waste.

  6. Waste Disposal

    Small top-loaded baler for packaging waste made from, e.g. cardboard, paper and plastic. Capacity: up to 50 kg cardboard/80 kg plastic.

  7. Waste Disposal

    Compactor for reducing waste volumes in bags by up to 10:1. Compaction into bags avoids spills and odor.

  8. Waste Disposal

    Forces liquid out of rejected cartons, e.g. filled with fruit juices and other drinks or dairy products, which drains into a built-in container.

  9. Waste Disposal

    Crushes hazardous waste such as glass jars and cans/tins containing residual liquid chemicals inside drums to facilitate their disposal.

  10. Waste Disposal

    Small yet versatile top-loaded compactor/baler for bales or bags. Capacity of 5031/5031-E: bales or bags up to 50 kg/65 kg.