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  1. Cabling and Wiring Accessories

    NPA COMPRESSION CABLE LUGS - PROPERTIES Material Electro-Tinned E-Copper

  2. Solar Energy

    Our steel cable ties, bands and buckles are made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel with high resistance to hostile environments eg. corrosive chemicals, temperature, UV radiation & abrasion. 

  3. Cabling and Wiring Accessories

    Large range available from Heyco Products Inc.Heyco’s extensive range of liquid tight cord grips feature Acme threads on body to prevent skipping and speed installation.  "PG" hub threads are steel conduit threads per DIN 40430.

  4. Cabling and Wiring Accessories

    New Heyco® Rubber Grommets Cover Through Holes, Eliminate Sharp Edges That Can Chafe Or Cut Wires And Add Aesthetic Value To Panel Applications  Heyco Products, Inc., a leading ISO 9001:2000 US-based designer and manufacturer of wire protection... Read More

  5. Cabling and Wiring Accessories

    You got wire? – We can position it for you! With Heyco’s great range of Wire Positioning Devices. Choose from:-

  6. Cabling and Wiring Accessories

    No Strain, Literally “No Sweat,” With New Multi-Hole Cord Grips From Heyco  Heyco Products, Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision, electrical conducting metal stampings, and injection moulded wire-protection products,... Read More

  7. Cabling and Wiring Accessories

      High performance, pre-wired, and competitively-priced 9V Insulated Battery Straps, designed to connect most 9V batteries in series or in parallel, are now available from Keystone Electronics Corp.

  8. Cabling and Wiring Accessories

    Keystone offer a large range of battery and coin cell holders & battery contacts for various mounting requirements. Coin Cell Retainers are designed for memory back-up and stand-by applications, these contacts permit quick and easy coin cell... Read More

  9. Cabling and Wiring Accessories

    A new line of Nylon Pop Rivets is now available from NPA PTY LTD, South Australia. Nylon Pop Rivets offer an exciting alternative to standard aluminium or steel pop rivets, especially from an aesthetic viewpoint. These rivets have a Nylon rivet body... Read More

  10. Cabling and Wiring Accessories

    Two new innovative cable ties that are fastened to a fixture using a push rivet.Nytye Push Rivets provide the installer an ability to remove the rivet and release the wire tie bundle.