Norman G. Clark

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    Norman G. Clark - Kits are available to upgrade or repair your fan drive to its original specifications, utilizing the latest technology and featuring genuine Horton parts..

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    Norman G. Clark - With over 50 years in business and more than three million fan drives in service, Horton continues to demonstrate its dedication to innovation, service and durability every day.

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    Norman G. Clark - Modern aerospace technology and high technology plastics engineering combine to produce the current generation of cooling fans. These fans provide an innovative approach to solutions for the heavy truck and transport industries.

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    These proven pneumatic performers are an obvious replacement for electro-magnetic clutch brake units offering significant economic advantages in operating costs

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    Horton DriveMaster Two-Speed Fan Clutches - a more efficient alternative for cooling on- and off-highway vehicles without ram air.

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    The Air Champ line of clutches and brakes is the industry standard for rotary motion control and power transmission

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    The torque output is easily changed by adjusting the air pressure setting. The single position design assures re-engagement of the drive, from a complete stop, in the same position every time, thus providing exact timing of both components.

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    Norman G. Clark - Norman G. Clark is a distributor of Oblan precleaners. These Air Precleaners consist of a steel housing with static vanes and a rust-proof rotor mounted on dual ball bearings over double-welded plate steel.

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    Norman G. Clark - Q-Shield™ is a patented technology that significantly reduces the consumption of diesel fuel or gasoline in internal combustion engines.