Norman G. Clark

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  1. General Industrial Suppliers

    For over two decades, Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) has supplied the global industrial marketplace with quality manufactured TecsPak® thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems

  2. General Industrial Suppliers

    Nexen Group™ is a leading manufacturer of brakes, clutches, torque limiters, overload protection devices, and control systems for a variety of industrial applications in the packaging, machine tool, material handling, and automotive industries

  3. General Industrial Suppliers

    Reliable torque overload protection. The usage of ST model Torque Limiters minimizes machine downtimes as a result of a crash and ensures the availability and productivity of your machine

  4. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark - An innovative problem solver with over 50 years of experience in designing and fabricating conveyor rollers and components.

  5. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark - EMT chucks are a practical, lightweight and econimical solution to the continuous or occasional need for larger diameter core holding, utilising an existing smaller diameter primary shaft. CORE SIZES:

  6. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark - Rotating Unions are used in many manufacturing processes to cool, heat or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power.

  7. General Products & Services

    The Engine Saver has applications in mining, marine, construction, railway, irrigation, military and power generation.

  8. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark  - For many years, MEROBEL has consolidated its position as the leader in EMP Brake & Clutch technology and associated electronics, especially for Wire &Cable and Web tension control.

  9. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark - The Expello Pneumatic Drain Valve is fitted to each Stark Air Dryer/Purifier. It is actuated either by an electrical signal or pneumatically by the unloading of the compressor.

  10. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark - Kits are available to upgrade or repair your fan drive to its original specifications, utilizing the latest technology and featuring genuine Horton parts..