Noble Trading

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  1. General Storage Equipment

    A wide range of small storage boxes are available to store your spare parts or small items. These versatile containers are stackable or easily wall-mounted.

  2. Health Safety & Security

    To ensure the safe operation of any warehouse, it is important to conduct routine pallet racking inspections. Any damage or stress to the frames can weaken racking and reduce the load capacity, potentially putting staff and inventory at risk.

  3. Pallets & Palletising Equipment

    Noble Trading’s Cantilever Racking is a cost effective system for applications involving storing long, irregular and awkwardly-shaped items.

  4. Pallets & Palletising Equipment

    Double Deep Racking Systems are able to store two pallets deep, and feature various frame, beam sections and sizes dependant on load requirements. The system requires the use of a special reach truck with either dual pantograph or sliding fork.

  5. Pallets & Palletising Equipment

    Drive In Pallet Racking systems consist of a continuous block of racking, not divided by isles. These systems are designed to maximise storage capacity, whilst minimising floor space, and ensure a first-in-last-out stock rotation.

  6. Pallets & Palletising Equipment

    Push Back Racking Systems are the ideal storage solution for applications involving multiple pallets of the same stock inventory. Multiple pallet loads of the same product are stored two, three or four deep on a slight upward incline.

  7. Pallets & Palletising Equipment

    Selective Pallet Racking is a simple, cost effective system, providing direct access to all pallet loads. It maximises space whilst allowing easy access to all stock inventory and is adjustable to meet your individual changing requirements.

  8. Shelving & Storage Systems

    A raised storage area is the fast and cost effective way to double existing floor space without the expense of moving. The flexibility of design allows easy relocation or expansion to meet future storage requirements.

  9. Shelving & Storage Systems

    Long Span Shelving is the ideal solution for storing large, long or bulky items to be accessed by hand. These versatile structures are safe, easily installed, and very economical.