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  1. Engineering

    Throw out that mop and bucket! Cleaning narrow spaces is now fast, hygenic and safer than ever before.

  2. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    Optimum quality/price ratio for this threephase vacuum which offers high performances while still being extremely manoeuverable and versatile.

  3. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    For very heavy duty and continuous service. This 3ph. vacuum can be connected to CVS used in various sectors as agricultural-food production or metal-working industries.

  4. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    Mod. SOL 2000 comes from the requirements of the metal industry and is projected in order to collect every type of material maintaining the vacuum efficiency constant in the time.

  5. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The Nilfisk-Advance SR 1000S works fast, is very compact and manoeuvrable.

  6. SR 1900 Ride-on sweepers w/hydraulic dump
    Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The SR 1900 can sweep large areas, such as parking lots, warehouses, factory floors and construction sites, in a fraction of the time it takes a conventional sweeper.

  7. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    This battery powered, truly versatile sweeper can go anywhere and be used for cleaning everything from retail areas to gas stations.

  8. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    Nilfisk SW 850S is a larger walk-behind sweeper with a higher sweeping and loading performance to satisfy wider and more open spaces.

  9. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    This is the ideal machine for cleaning commercial properties, stairs, theatres or any other congested areas. The machine offers high manoeuvrability and superior design for reliable performance and comfort.

  10. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    A general purpose vacuum for everyday use