Modular Components & Automation

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  1. Automation and Warehousing

    Positioning Set 8 40 is used for setting predefined positions. It is ideal for precise positional adjustment of feed devices, measurement attachments, proximity switches and devices on manual work benches.

  2. Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    Designed by Item, the roller conveyor fills the gap for interlinking workbenches with a simple, interlocking roller conveyor system. The base can be fitted with rollers, balls, brushes or slide strips. .

  3. General Products & Services

    From simple standard benches to special solutions to meet specific requirements, our products provide the ideal basis for constructing state-of-the-art work benches.

  4. General Products & Services

    For power-lock connection without machining, for reinforcing profile connections or for fastening a range of components to profiles, angle brackets are ideal. Modular Components & Automation are the proud distributors of ITEM Aluminium Systems.

  5. General Products & Services

    Bearing Units enable components to move in a linear motion. They are used in conjunction with a carriage plate for the sliding carriages, and can be driven for automation equipment or built as a slide for manual adjustment.

  6. General Products & Services

    Caps for the end face of the various profile geometries give a neat finish to the cut edge. Plastic Caps are secured by pressing them into the core bores. The special dome geometry suppresses vibrations and is resistant to temperature changes.

  7. General Products & Services

    Castors are available in a range of sizes, with options such as double brake (brake for wheel axis and swivelling axis) and Fixed Castors. The castors feature easy movement and high load-bearing capacity. .

  8. General Products & Services

    Cover Profile made of either plastic or aluminium seals the grooves in the profile sides against dust and makes cleaning easier. This also enables electric cables or pipes to be installed out of sight.

  9. General Products & Services

    Customised to meet essentially any required dimensions, the modular building kit will optimise space around machines and cater precisely to special purpose designs while safely guarding the equipment from unauthorised access.

  10. General Products & Services

    The infinitely adjustable feet are suitable for structures of all kinds. Depending on the particular application, the adjustable feet can be fitted in the core bores of profiles or used in combination with Base Plates.