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  1. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Our modular large-area vacuum gripping system for individual handling solutions for efficient, safe palletising, depalletising, sorting & picking. Millsom Materials Handling has a first class efficiency tool for users in the packaging industry:

  2. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Millsom Materials Handling are proud to offer the following vacuum handling products: Vacuum Tube Lifters, Vacuum Sheet Lifters and Vacuum Components.

  3. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    The ideal combination for many applications: vacuum tube lifter JUMBO plus large-area gripper system FM. Another product that has been added to the Millsom Materials Handling hallmark range is the Schmalz FM gripper.

  4. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Millsom Materials Handling & Hoists - Millsom Hoists are proud to offer these vacuum lifting products: Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifters, VacuMaster Vacuum Sheet Lifters, VacuMaster Light, Vacuum Components and Glass Lifting Systems.

  5. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Millsom Materials Handling & Hoists - Millsom in partnership with Schmalz GmbH, have released a new generation of VacuMaster that combines performance, operating safety and ease of use in a compact design.

  6. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Vacuum technology from Schmalz is used in many areas of automation and handling technology. To meet the requirements of various sectors of industry, Schmalz offers a complete range of vacuum components for different branches

  7. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    JumboFlex, the new vacuum tube lifter, is ideal for the frequent and very rapid movement of lighter goods, i.e. those with a weight of up to 35 kg. The JumboFlex allows for optimal, safe and precise transportation of each material.

  8. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Fast - Safe - Ergonomic.With the turning bench VWT 180° from Schmalz, unwieldly wood, metal and plastic panels can easily be turned over with speed and efficiency.

  9. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Handling of pallets, aluminium sections or sheets with holes, the new FM gripper makes the Jumbo fit for flexible applications!

  10. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Millsom Materials Handling & Hoists - The SBX vacuum gripper system is an extra strong handling device that is an ideal solution for difficult surfaces, such as rough or badly warped wooden boards, which in the past had to be handled manually.