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  1. Shelving & Storage Systems

    Introduced into an evolved product range, the Super 4/5/6 series was created by METALSISTEM as an innovative answer to pallet racking, mezzanine and automated storage requirements

  2. Shelving & Storage Systems

    Developed for heavy loads, the SUPERBUILD series is able to satisfy all pallet racking and DRIVE-IN requirements

  3. Shelving & Storage Systems

    The shape and configuration of the UNIBUILD profile is the result of exhaustive testing on the various components of this system over a period of years.

  4. Shelving & Storage Systems

    UNICANT is a heavy duty cantilever system. Cantilever systems are used to store objects of varying lengths and bulk and therefore requiring clear and continuous loading levels

  5. Shelving & Storage Systems

    Storage of light goods for manual picking, creation of two tier installations. The Super 123 series is a highly versatile product satisfying the broadest needs of light storage requirements

  6. Shelving & Storage Systems

    Cantilever racking suited for light to medium storage requirements. SUPERCANT is METALSISTEM's cantilever racking system designed to suit the needs of Clients with medium to light storage requirements.

  7. Shelving & Storage Systems

    Characteristics:Long span shelving suited for manual picking .

  8. Shelving & Storage Systems

    System designed for the storage of light goods in both standard and two tiers shelving configurations.

  9. Shelving & Storage Systems

    The Sidac brand is positioned in the sales area segment of the market offering a wide range of advanced solutions destined to anything from small sales outlets to large hypermarkets.