Summit Matsu Chillers

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  1. Chillers & Refrigeration Equipment

    PC board diagnostic system as standard. Full weather features as standard. IP 65 enclosures with all starters and contactors included. Single or dual compressors with lead lag option

  2. Chillers & Refrigeration Equipment

    Easy to install Easy to operate -5°C to +15°C supply temp Single phase power 2.0kW to 5.8kW cooling Internal tank Internal pump Castor wheel and batch meter options Size: 760W x 600D x 1100H Australian Made

  3. Chillers & Refrigeration Equipment

    Air cooled. Inbuilt tank and pump. Auto-program controller. Pre-fabricated water piping with Camlok fittings available. Manufactured to Australian electrical standard AS 60204.1

  4. Chillers and Refrigeration Equipment

    Ideal for equipment cooling, process cooling, air conditioning, laser cooling, bakeries, food equipment cooling. Easy to install and operate. Single phase power up to 9kW cooling

  5. Chillers and Refrigeration Equipment


  6. Chillers and Refrigeration Equipment

    Air conditioning, equipment cooling, process cooling. Steel and copper shell and tube evaporator for reliability and performance. Multiple refrigeration systems as an option for increased reliability and greater control

  7. Chillers and Refrigeration Equipment

    Equipment cooling, air conditioning, data centre cooling, rack cooling, food manufacturing or pharmaceuticals. 3 phase power. Options for PLC control upgrade and high level interface

  8. Chillers and Refrigeration Equipment

    Ideal as a lab chiller or for equipment cooling. Just connect to power and water. Single phase power. -5ºC to +14ºC Chiller water supply temperature

  9. Chillers and Refrigeration Equipment

    Air cooled chillers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, equipment cooling and process cooling. Ideal for equipment cooling, data centre cooling, rack cooling, server cooling or as an industrial chiller.

  10. Chillers and Refrigeration Equipment

    Brazed plate or co-axial heat-exchanger. Optional water pump. +5ºC to +25ºC chiller water supply temperature on request