Materials Handling Pty Ltd

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  1. Safe Gas Cylinder Storage
    Dangerous Goods Storage

    Heavy-duty relocatable gas cylinder stores for safe storage, restraint and transport of various gas cylinder sizes.

  2. Gas Bottle Restraints & Aerosol Recycling- Bottlechock
    Dangerous Goods Storage

    Makes Handling, Storage and Security of Gas Bottles a Breeze!

  3. Hoisting Gas Bottle Cages
    Dangerous Goods Storage

    Designed primarily for overhead gas bottle transport, the cages can also handle any product which will fit within their capacity and volume.

  4. Safety Storage Cabinets for Hazardous & Flammable Materials
    Dangerous Goods Storage

    These storage cabinets provide a safe, close-by, and secure and timesaving method for storing all types of dangerous or corrosive chemicals & flammables

  5. Mezzanine Safety Gate
    Dock & Warehouse Safety

    This safety pallet gate is cost effective & most efficient at protecting personnel working on & accessing palletson mezzanine floors.

  6. Modular Perimeter Safety Guarding Systems for Hazardous Industrial Areas
    Dock & Warehouse Safety

    Our system consists of a range of standard posts, panels and joining components that are combined to provide perimeter guarding for industrial safety applications.

  7. Safemate Anti-Slip
    Dock & Warehouse Safety

    Stairs are a necessary part of the workplace area.

  8. Handy Chock
    Dock & Warehouse Safety

    Stop breaking your back with the same old wheel chocks.

  9. Versa Light
    Dock & Warehouse Safety

    Versa Light’s® unique flexible tube design withstands sudden impact, and easily adjusts to any position.

  10. Convex Safety Mirrors
    Dock & Warehouse Safety

    The size of the mirror you need mainly depends upon the distances involved and the need for detail in the reflected image.