Materials Handling Pty Ltd

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  1. Containers for Non Dangerous Goods- Light Duty Transportable Containers

    The 1,000 litre Dangerous Goods Approved container provides an efficient form of intermediate bulk packaging for a wide range of chemicals.

  2. Containers for Non Dangerous Goods- Liquid Transporting Tanks

    From 450 up to 1,000 litres, Liquid Transporting Tanks are ideal for agricultural and industrial liquid bulk handling and storage.

  3. Aero-Go Floatation Systems
    Conveying & Elevating

    AERO-GO Air Floatation Castors literally float massive equipment loads and assemblies on a virtually frictionless cushion of air.

  4. Dense Phase Conveyors
    Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    Dense phase pneumatic conveyors are recognized for increasing plant efficiencies, saving companies by providing a cost effective means of conveying material from storage hoppers for processing.

  5. Motorised Conveyor Rollers
    Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    Motorised drums are designed as a compact integrated drive drum for belt conveyors.

  6. Gravity Roller & Wheel Conveyors
    Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    Our conveyors have Standard Overall widths 'A' of 300mm - 450mm and 600mm and lengths 'B' of 1500 and 3000mm.

  7. Cleanline Belt Conveyors
    Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    The Cleanline range is a radical departure from having to use sometimes noisy roller conveyors to divert and transfer cartons, totes, crates, bags etc.

  8. Cleanline Pallet Conveyors
    Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    We design, build and install both roller and chain pallet conveyors.

  9. Cobra Extending Conveyors
    Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    All Cobra conveyors come standard with an integral joiner to build them to any length required.

  10. Pneumatic Conveying Systems
    Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    The principle of pneumatic conveying is simple. It is based on the fact that air in motion is capable of moving objects.