Materials Handling Pty Ltd

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  1. Mobile Drum Lifter/Rotator
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    These 350kg capacity units are extremely versatile for depalletising, lifting, rotating, racking, stacking & decanting 205 litre drums.

  2. Quick Lift Arm
    Lifting Equipment: Hoists

    At Last, A Bionic Arm That Lifts And Balances

  3. Permanent Magnet Lifters
    Magnets & Magnetic Products

    If you lift steel plates, rounds or tubes, there is a simpler, more efficient way to get the job done, without slings and chains.

  4. Large Area Magnetic Sweeper
    Magnets & Magnetic Products

    Large Area Magnetic Sweepers (L.A.M.S) provide the answer to tyre damage from nails and other nasties.

  5. Safe & Efficient Reel & Role Handling
    Materials Handling: General Equipment

    Materials Handling P/L offers individual solutions for the handling of reels in the paper, foil, packaging, electrical & communications industries.

  6. Container Ramps
    Materials Handling: General Equipment

    Designed primarily for bridging into an ISO standard container from ground level.

  7. Drum Heaters: Wax Immersion Heater
    Materials Handling: General Equipment

    Used in solidified materials such as waxes and pharmaceutical products where heat penetration is difficult.

  8. Line Master Line Marking Machine
    Materials Handling: General Equipment

    Line Master is ideal for line marking warehouses, sports grounds, car parks and factory floors.

  9. Powered Stair Climber
    Materials Handling: General Equipment

    Handtruck and powered stair climber combined in one machine

  10. Fibreglass Folding Ramps
    Materials Handling: General Equipment

    Simple fibreglass concertina folding ramps with non-slip all weather surface and non-slip top and base pads.