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  1. Flooring

    Entrance Matting - Heavy Duty Raised profile wipes dirt off shoes Easy to clean - just hose down Hard wearing heavy guage polypropylene Vinyl backing and edging resists cracking Mats edged four sides to control tripping... keeps the mat flat

  2. Flooring

    Entrance Matting - Heavy Traffic Herringbone-pattern ribs brush dirt from shoes To Clean - shake, vacuum or wash with hose Dries in only an hour or so Heavy duty pure vinyl base for long life Mats edged on all sides Excellent for prestige entrances...

  3. Flooring

    • Design a mat to suit your entrance - any shape, any size.• Perfect for mat recesses.• Super quality polypropylene matting strip inserts resist traffic patterns, stand up to high traffic.• .

  4. Flooring

    Heavy duty 59oz carpet fibre - up to three times the weight of other matting - takes really heavy work for years Heavy duty edging - twice the weight of regular edging yet trolleys ride up with ease Slip resistant gripper back increases safety.

  5. Flooring

    Entrance Matting - Heavy Duty Ultra-dense polypropylene fibre Moulded nibs in the rubber backing, help stop traffic patterns from flattened carpet Nitrile Rubber backing is extra tough Rubber borders contain any moisture deposited on the mat

  6. Flooring

    Highly attractive new diagonal stripe design for that different, contemporary look Heavy 41oz fibre weight takes punishing traffic and keeps looking good Tough vinyl backing stops mat distortion

  7. Flooring

    Entrance Matting - Heavy Duty Durable vinyl loop surface permanently bonded to a solid sheet vinyl back. Removes dirt and moisture from shoes, traps it beneath the mat surface. Dries quickly and resists mildew in high moisture areas.

  8. Safety Mats & Matting

    Rubber Industrial & Anti-Fatigue / General Purpose & Dry Areas The ideal behind-the-counter anti-fatigue mat For long-standing, limited movement areas Bubble surface like standing on air Promotes circulation, reduces fatigue

  9. Safety Mats & Matting

    Foam Anti-Fatigue Mats & Runners Very resistant - three times the bounce of vinyl foam means superior anti-fatigue qualities Amazing durability keeps it performing three times as long as ribbed vinyl foam. Replace mats less often

  10. Safety Mats & Matting

    Rubber Industrial & Anti-Fatigue / Kitchen Mats Very high nitrile rubber content for superior oil and fat resistance Excellent drainage in wet areas Wide, ribbed ramp to help prevent slips and trips