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  1. Coding

    DURASWITCH MAGNAMOUSE This next-generation technology allows for the integration of cursor control devices into ultra-thin, durable control panels.  

  2. Coding

    If you require a membrane switch - you MUST consider the Duraswitch Pushgate. Duraswitch PushGate is manufactured by Markit Graphics under license to Duraswitch Industries of Arizona USA.

  3. Coding

    DURASWITCH THINCODER RT The ThinCoder RT is an ultra-thin, rugged incoder that can be integrated within a Duraswitch Pushgate panel or conventional membrane switch

  4. Coding

    Selecting an appropriate labelling and badging product is important to ensure that your product remains both functional and attractive throughout its operating life.

  5. Coding

    In its simplest form a membrane switch comprises of two flexible printed circuits, physically separated by a spacer. When the button is pressed, holes in the spacer allow the two circuits to contact completing the circuit.

  6. Containers & Closures

    ENCLOSURES, BACKING PANELS, METALWORK Markit Graphics has the capability to machine and finish backing panels from plastics and metals to complement your switch products.

  7. General Products & Services

    BACKLIGHTING SOLUTIONS Backlighting has always been a problem for membrane switch manufacturers, the opaque silver pads preventing full function lighting of the overlay from the rear of the switch

  8. General Products & Services

    RFI SHIELDING Protecting sensitive equipment from RFI is a key issue as many countries introduce legislation to deal with this phenomena.

  9. General Products & Services

    While we use these in various ways for our product manufacturing, you may have unique applications and requirements that could use these technologies and we encourage you to contact us to discuss you needs.