M.T.I Qualos

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  1. General Measurement Equipment

    Features Standard Type Micrometer Head Clear graduations on satin chrome finish Zero adjustable Thimble  Accuracy 148-503 ± 2µm, 148-501 ± 0.0001 inches

  2. General Measurement Equipment

    Features Up to 4 Digimatic Multi Units can be connected through the Extension Unit to configure Go/No go for up to 24 Gauges Go/No go Judgement can be triggered using an optional Footswitch 1 metre SPC Cable (936937) is provided to connect to a... Read More

  3. General Measurement Equipment


  4. General Measurement Equipment

    Measurement Applications Simple to use yet powerful features make these Indicators exceptionally productive instruments for many applications. Features Large LCD display Imperial/Metric conversion ABSolute feature Direction change Zero setting On/... Read More

  5. General Measurement Equipment

    Measurement ApplicationsInterchangeable anvils allow one frame to cover more than one range of measurementFeatures

  6. General Measurement Equipment

    Measurement Applications A compact economic Digital Indicator which can easily replace analogue equivalents and offers imperial/metric conversion from a single unit Features

  7. General Measurement Equipment

    Measurement Applications Blade type non rotating anvils allow measurement in grooves, key ways and other restricted areas Features

  8. General Measurement Equipment

    Measurement Applications Where definitive easy reading or data output is required in imperial or metric from a single unit. Features Slim compact low cost design ABSolute feature Origin setting Imperial/Metric conversion Zero set On/Off Direction... Read More

  9. General Measurement Equipment

    Measurement ApplicationsWith non rotating spindle, this micrometer is ideal for measuring paper, film material etc.Features

  10. General Measurement Equipment

    Features Large LCD display Preset Imperial/Metric conversion Zero setting Data hold Data output Tungsten Carbide tipped measuring faces Optional set nut available Accuracy350-711-30/350-712-30 ± 2µm