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  1. Breathing & Respiratory Apparatus

    Livingstone N95 Particulate Filter Duckbill Respirator is a pouch style respirator that comes with polyurethane headbands. Features: White Colour 30 pieces in a Box Pouch Style Polyurethane headbands Safety Standards Approved by National... Read More

  2. Breathing & Respiratory Apparatus

    Livingstone dust masks come with two stamped layers that help keep respiration from collapsing in humid conditions. They are cup styled respirators that provide protection against particulate matter such as non-volatile dusts and dirt.   Features

  3. Breathing & Respiratory Apparatus

    Livingstone key ring resuscitation masks are disposable, transparent face shields inside a key chain allowing for quick access in emergency use. The face shield can easily fit in pockets, first aid kits, wallets and handbags. The mask prevents... Read More

  4. Cleaning & Pest Control

    Livingstone surface disinfectants are available in 5 litre plastic bottles. The range includes alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride disinfectants, 70% isopropyl alcohol disinfectant and methylated spirits disinfectant. Livingstone alkyl dimethyl... Read More

  5. Cleaning & Pest Control

    Regular & heavy duty cleaning cloths from vistex come in a variety of colours with different coloured cloths suitable for different needs. Red vistex cloths are suitable for toilets and bathrooms; blue are for general cleaning; green cloths are... Read More

  6. Cleaning & Pest Control


  7. Eye & Face Protection

    Livingstone Face Shields provide great protection against foreign particles, dust, and heath and impact resistance.

  8. Fall Protection & Height Safety


  9. First Aid & Medical Services

    “An employer must ensure that the first aid facilities at a place of work at which more than 200 persons work, or at a construction site at which more than 100 persons work include a first aid room” (OH&S Regulations 2001, Clause 20, Chapter 2).

  10. First Aid & Medical Services

      A range of Hot & Cold Packs is available from Livingstone International.