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  1. Air Compressors & Products

    Air blower with large surface coverage and gauzed to remove dirt and other impurities from air when blowing. Features adjustable air volume control and complimentary "Nitto" style quick release plug. Ideal for spot drying.

  2. Air Compressors & Products

    Air blow gun or air blower is used primarily for debris removal and purging, non contact part cleaning and drying, and general lab or industrial applications. Air blow gun attaches to air lines for manual actuation as well as control of airflow.

  3. Air Compressors & Products

    Air tools or pneumatic tools are tools powered by compressed air and power tools are tools that powered by electric motors. Air tools and power tools both work faster and easier in comparison manual hand tools. .

  4. Air Compressors & Products

    Never look for air blowers again in your workshop! This compact and air adjustable blower fits in your pocket, complete with pocket clip. With "Nitto" style quick release connection.

  5. General Machinery & Equipment Suppliers

    Combines With Open Top, Middle, and Bottom Mobile Tool Chests To Form A Complete Rolling Tool Chest Set. Sets are available in:- Complete Mobile Tool Chest Set 17 Drawers Locking w/ Ball Bearing-/p>

  6. General Machinery & Equipment Suppliers

    Quality parts washers steel with safety fusible link. Models available from Airsupply as the following: * 13L Tabletop Parts Washer Steel with Safety Fusible Link* 75L Parts Washer Steel with Safety Fusible Link

  7. General Machinery & Equipment Suppliers

    Reusable Particulate Respirator with Exhalation Valve & Filter Cartridge. Reusable particulate respirator with ONE or TWO exhalation valve & filter cartridge. Replacement cartridge and replacement filter also available from Airsupply.

  8. General Machinery & Equipment Suppliers

    Large loads are no problem with this tough, 160kg load steel cart range. Choices of drawers (with bearing slides) and trays combination gives you plenty of extra carrying capacity. Chrome plated sides, rolls easy with 100 mm casters

  9. General Machinery & Equipment Suppliers

    Various models are available to accomplish different needs: - 9 Drawer Top Locking Tool Chest w/ Ball Bearing Draw Slide- 6 Drawer Open Top Locking Tool Chest w/ Ball Bearing Deep Top Compartment Provides Additional Storage For Larger Tools

  10. Hose Reels & Cable Reels

    Self Retracting Air Hose Reel Features Professional Grade Pu Braid Hose With Excellent Flexibility Complete With 1/4" Fittings. Features Hose Protection Guard, Extends Lifetime Of Hose And Fittings. Swivel Wall Hanger Frame Mounts To Wall Or Ceiling