Liftco Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd

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  1. Cranes & Lifts

    Liftco Load Limiters for Overhead Cranes and Hoists.  Protects against overloading of crane and supporting structures. Quick and easy installation, available for all capacity cranes. Reduces maintenance costs and minimizes down time.  .

  2. Power Systems & Equipment

    Applications Flexible cable support system for mobile equipment Construction The Liftco C track system has been designed with ease of installation and durability in mind. All fittings and trolleys are constructed in glass filled nylon.

  3. Conductor Bar
    Power Transmission & Acessories

    The Conductor Bar System that offers - Versatility - Economy - Durability

  4. Safety Equipment

    Chain Hoist LimitersApplications For most chain hoists. Easy to install with no special tools needed. Minimal maintenance required.

  5. Safety Equipment

    Standard Load Limiter (All Specifications Apply) For use on multi-fall cranes and hoists.- These limiters have two switches, one for use when a warning is required prior to overload cut-out activation.

  6. Safety Equipment

    Applications To prevent side pulling and protect rope guides and drums on most multi-fall cranes and hoists. All cranes and hoists are designed for vertical lift only. .