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  1. Maintenance & Asset Management Software

      Lexian has been involved in many major sporting events that over the past six years and has developed a strong expertise in event logistics management and technology. Major events in which Lexian has been involved include: Sydney Olympics... Read More

  2. Supply Chain Management

      Benefits of CAST-CO² SoftwareCompanies are able to analyse the carbon footprint of their supply chains and then evaluate different design configurations and transport options before making operational changes.  By calculating the carbon footprint... Read More

  3. Supply Chain Management

      Flexibility is a key feature that allows CAST to model specific parts of a supply chain, for example demand modelling alone or alternatively all elements of a global supply chain can be considered within one model. Fixed business constraints can... Read More

  4. Supply Chain Management

      Lexian Solutions and Barloworld Optimus offers strategic network design, optimization software and consulting services to leading manufacturing organisations in the entire major consumer markets across the globe with their Australian and New... Read More

  5. Supply Chain Management

      Lexian Demand Planner or LDP is an advanced demand planning application. It is designed to allow an organisation to build and maintain an accurate demand forecast for their business.

  6. Supply Chain Management

    In today's competitive market the requirement to plan effectively and collaboratively across organisational boundaries has never been more important. Lexian, through an alliance with Barloworld offers a comprehensive suite of web-enabled advanced... Read More

  7. Supply Chain Management

      Perfect for Manufacturers and Retailers

  8. Supply Chain Management

      We offer strategic network design and optimisation software and consulting services to leading organisations in all the major markets of the world. The flexibility of the CAST modelling software and its ease of use permits its application across... Read More

  9. Supply Chain Management

      Top Retailers Adopt CAST