Komatsu Forklift Australia

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  1. Forklift

    Low Maintenance Cost *  Total AC System eliminates motor brush or contractor replacements *  Airtight Wet Disc Brakes does not require periodical maintenance *  Dumper assisted hood allows for quick and easy battery check ups

  2. Forklift

    3 wheel trucks with pivot turn ability, Low Maintenance Cost, Higher Productivity, Superior Reliability and Safety & Comfort

  3. Forklift

    Economical Efficiency Super lift hydraulic system rapidly lifts cargo even when idling Fuel consumption reduced by 10% since acceleration is no longer necessary Optimal lubrication intervals and simple maintenance for reduced costs

  4. Forklift

    Excellent Power and Handling Avanced power steering system allows light and precise handling Powerful and clean engines Excellent braking performance Durability

  5. Forklift

    Reliability High capacity twin cooling system for low temperature during rigorous work Maintains oil purity Protected brake piping Sedimenter Intergrated bonnet for added durability Easy maintanence Maneuverability

  6. Forklift

    Environmental and Operator Safety New Komatsu engine with reduced NOx and PM in exhaust plus better fuel efficiency and lowered running noise Wet disc brakes

  7. Forklift

    Productivity Powerful engine and 4 speed transmission Optimised hydraulic circuit for inceased lifting speeds Hydrostatic power steering for small turning radius and minimizes kickback Low mast height mask loading and unloading on ship acheivable