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  1. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    The state-of-the-art robotic palletiser series by Okura, Japan, represented by Kockums in Australia, is specifically developed for palletising duties. The user interface is friendly and the operating system provides maximum flexibility and... Read More

  2. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    The Olds Elevator presents a novel method for vertically elevating bulk materials. The Olds Elevator looks similar to a screw feeder except for the fact that the screw is stationary and the casing rotates. Bulk materials are scooped up and... Read More

  3. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    Kockums’ Paddle Mixers present a high efficiency mixer that delivers fast, thorough and uniform mixing of a range of products. Its scooping and lifting mechanisms involve blades working in a criss-cross mixing configuration giving a homogenous mix... Read More

  4. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    The Posi-flate Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves are designed to eliminate the friction normally required for butterfly valves to seal. The seal is achieved by using an inflatable valve seat which is deflated when the valve is open and inflated... Read More

  5. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    Protema Lifts Trolleys were designed specifically to deal with handling goods that a person (sometimes with a helper) was previously expected to carry. In recent times, as lifting mass and ‘periods of lift’ limitations have appeared through OH&S... Read More

  6. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    The Rotary Lump Breakers have been very useful in industries like chemical, food, fertilizers, plastics, confectionery and minerals. Originally developed by our sister company Control Automation, the lump breakers are designed to break up formed... Read More

  7. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    This Centrifugal sifter developed by Control Automation is mainly used to remove oversize and foreign items from a product before it is fed into the production process.

  8. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    The Rotary Table type stretch wrapper is ideal for wrapping light and unstable loads at a rate of upto 12 pallets/hr. For weather proofing a top sheet applicator can also be incorporated into the equipment.

  9. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    Kockums Bulk Systems has a range of accessories and fluidization systems for Hoppers and Silos storing powders. Their vast experience in handling powders has led to the development of a wide variety of accessories such as the Solimar fluidizer,... Read More

  10. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    The Solimar Fluidisers were developed to aerate product in hoppers and silos promoting flow and rapid emptying of powders from these vessels.