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  1. Bins

    Capacities from 0.2 M cubed to 2.0 M cubed. Painted or galvanized finish. With fork sleeves and/or crane hoist lugs. Available with bottom opening or clamshell emptying. Can be stackable, straight sided or with front protruding lip.

  2. Bins

    Capacities from 200 litres to 1200 litres. Vented or solid food grade. Repairable. Castors available. Stackable to 10 high, dependant upon load. Many different colours available.Own brand or logo available.

  3. Bins

    Any size and shape -- just ask. Available with wheels and lids. Food grade virgin polymer or reclaimed material. Tanks can be in stillage cages for bulk liquid transport and storage. Different inlets, outlets, to your specification.

  4. Bins

    Self dumping. Capacities from 0.7 M cubed to 2.0 M cubed. Painted or galvanized finish. Fork lift driver places lip of bin over dumper bin lip, then reverses and lifts at the same time.

  5. Bins

    Any type and size -- fabricated to suit your needs, from mild steel with painted/powder coated or galvanized finished, to aluminium or stainless steel.

  6. Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    A motor, sitting under the frame, drives the rollers using special flexible bands. Very quiet operation. Maximum capacity is 45kg over two rollers.

  7. Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    Extends from neat, stowed position to any length (usually 5-7m). Available in plastic or steel rollers or skate wheels. Can be turned around corners or obstacles -- even into a complete circle (2-3 sections).

  8. Gravity Conveyors
    Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    Rollers available in many widths, diameters, gauges and capacities. Most common is steel-zinc plated, but available also in stainless and plastic. Fixed or adjustable height stands available.

  9. Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    Made to order. Allows multi-directional transfer of products with flat base.

  10. Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    Available as horizontal, inclined, goose neck. Choice of belt types, e.g.: rough top, food grade, high slip, plastic link, cleated, etc. Construction in mild steel/aluminum/stainless, etc. Power source and belt speeds infinitely variable.