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  1. Loadcells

    KA500N 500kg Alloy tool nickel coated shear beam load cell.

  2. Loadcells

    F60X (5kg~5000kg) Stainless Steel Bending Beam load cell, hermetically sealed to IP68. Ideal for a wide range of weighing applications, where a high accuracy load cell is required to be used in harsh enviorments..

  3. Loadcells

    KA250S 250kg Stainless steel shear bem load cell.

  4. Loadcells

    Ball & Cup mounting kit to suit the F60X bending beam loadcell to provide high, accurate weighing for tanks and hoppers. Stainless steel and tool steel configuration's.

  5. Loadcells

    KA7500N 7500kg Alloy tool nickel coated shear beam load cell.

  6. Loadcells

    The Kelba KWB WB 600 Weighbeams will weigh up to 2000kg per set of two weighbeams (1000kg per weighbeam). Ideally used in any number of industrial weighing, agricultural & live stock weighing applications.

  7. Loadcells

    KA5000S 5000kg Stainless steel shear beam load cell

  8. Loadcells

    KA500S 500kg Stainless steel shear beam load cell.

  9. Loadcells

    Full Rubber mounting kit. Ideal for use where vibration may be transfered to load cell via blender, mixer and from shock loads or where vessel is being loaded via front end loader etc.

  10. Loadcells

    KSB 8 Up to 8 input summing junction box with trim pots. To optmise weighing accuracy and reduce time taken for weighing systems. Ideal for weighbridges and large hopper, silio & bin weighing applications.