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  1. Loadcells

    Compression Load Cell made of Stainless Steel, Hermetically sealed to IP68 protection. Accuracy up 4000 divisions according to OMIL R60. Ideal for an intensive use in weighbridges or when combined with the STABICAN mounting kit.

  2. Loadcells

    AG (1 ~ 2.5kg) 1~2.5kg Single Point ideal for use in low capicty weighing and counting scales applications, with a maximum platform size of 150 x 150mm.

  3. Loadcells

    5, 11 & 15 Ton, Double ended shear beam tool steel load cell, electroless nickel plated, with constraining mounting kit. Ideal for heavy silo, bin and tank weighing applications. Insensitive to axial loads and bending movements.

  4. Loadcells

    EP2 / PO2 2kg Single Point load cell 23mm in profile, desigined for use with platforms 120 x 120mm.

  5. Loadcells

    KPT5000 5000psi stainless steel pressure transducer, with internal 9/16" - 18 UNF thread.

  6. Loadcells

    AL (3 ~ 30kg) 3 ~ 30kg Single Point load cell, Optimized in order to meet the low cost requirements of high volumne production. Desigined for use for platforms dimensions up 300x350mm.

  7. Loadcells

    KPA MNC (500kg ~ 20 ton) A low profile miniature Alloy Tool compression load cell. Used in areas where profile is a major issue or where a low cost weighing application is needed. Mounting kit is avalaible as a option.

  8. Loadcells

    AG (5 ~ 100kg ) 5 ~ 100kg Single Point load cell. Ideal for use in low capicty industrial weighing applications where a single cell is required, with a maximum platform size of 400 x 400mm.

  9. Loadcells

    KPA6245A (500kg ~ 5 ton) 500kg ~ 5 ton Stainless Steel, Hermetically sealed shear beam load cell. Excellent for use in wash down and harsh enviorments. Has International hole centres.

  10. Loadcells

    AJ (5 ~ 15kg) 5 ~ 15kg Single Point load cell, optimized in order to meet the low cost requirements of high volumne product. Designed for use with platforms demensions up to 350 x 350mm maximum.