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  1. Loadcells

    KPA6110P (100kg ~ 20 ton) Alloy tool HEAVY DUTY S-Type load cell with built in overload stops and UNF threads.

  2. Loadcells

    KPA6110P (100kg ~ 20 ton)Alloy tool HEAVY DUTY S-Type load cell with built in overload stops and UNF threads.

  3. Loadcells

    KSB-B4 Up to 4 inputs along with it's small design and fine trim pot adjustments to optimise the weighing accuracy, for platform scales or where a smaller than average junction box is required.

  4. Loadcells

    KPA LS (2 ~ 100 ton) Compression and Tension Alloy Tool pancake load cell, with UNF thread through the centre. Used in force measurements in tension and compression with capicity's from 2 ton ~ 100 ton

  5. Loadcells

    The CPJ is able to run up to 4 strain gauge loadcells (350 ohams). With 4 or 6 wire load cells. Avalabile, as card only, card with din rail mount or in an IP65 waterproof housing. The CPJ2S comes standard with 2 set point relays.

  6. Loadcells

    KPA 6142 (20 ~ 200kg) Alloy tool steel bending beam load cell, IP68 rated where weighing lower capictys in harsh industrial weighing applications. Being made of Alloy tool steel makes this cell more affordable if stainless steel is not required.

  7. Loadcells

    KO-41 Rubber Mount & KO41B-1 H Bracket 2500-5000kg High quality rubber mount and adaptor bracket, designed to be used with Kelba's shear beam loads from 2000 ~ 5000kg. Available in tool steel nickel plated and stainless steel finishes.

  8. Loadcells

    KPA6346 (1 ~ 3kg) 1 ~ 3kg Anodized Aluminium Single Point load cell. Ideally used in small bench scales where low capictys are required. Desgined for use in platforms up to 400mm x 400mm.

  9. Loadcells

    25 / 35 Ton, Double ended shear beam tool steel load cell, electroless nickel plated, with constraining mounting kit. Ideal for heavy silo, bin and tank weighing applications. Insensitive to axial loads and bending movements.

  10. Loadcells

    Rubber mounts with M10 x 1.5mm threads designed to be used with KA125 & KA250 series or shear beam load cells with a M10 x 1.5mm threaded load hole. K043 comes in Tool steel zinc coated & Stainless steel.