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  1. CNC Lathes

    The approach to improving productivity (adopted to customer acclaim with the Cincom K16 and L20) is fully utilized in the A20. By installing the latest NC and adopting our unique control technique we have managed to slash idle and cycle time

  2. CNC Lathes

    The Quick Turn Nexus machines are totally new versions of the world's most widely used CNC turning centres, accomplishing new levels of speed, precision, and efficiency, making it an outstanding value for money investment

  3. Laser Cutting & Profiling

    The Super Turbo-X Champion marks a new era in laser design. Its modular construction incorporates the newest Mazak technology at an affordable price. You can perform continuous cutting, without changing lenses or nozzles and more

  4. Machine Tools

    The Mazak Integrex is the most widely used multi-tasking machine tool in the world. Turning, milling, countouring with the C-Axis, off-centre machining the Y-Axis, milling angled surfaces with B-Axis, heat treatment by laser, grinding and more.

  5. Machine Tools

    As you would expect from one of the pioneers of conversational programming, Mazak’s new Matrix CNC controller delivers elements that take machine control and machining to new levels of efficiency.

  6. Machining Centres

    The "NEXUS II SERIES" combine advanced technology, productivity and value, to provide the performance you have been looking. These vertical machining centres provide improved machining stability, safer operation, and enhanced ease of operation.

  7. Robotics & Assembly

    One of the most recent additions to the Fanuc robot range is the new LR Mate 200iC multi-purpose mini intelligent robot. More than just an upgrade , the 200iC features significant enhancements in motion performance, size, weight and power supply