Hoisting Services Pty Ltd

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  1. Construction Machinery & Equipment

    Whether you're looking for a hoist to perform an occasional lift in a nice clean environment, or a real workhorse to handle some high repetition lifts in a really dirty area, we have the right hoist for you. Variations on lift heights, capacities... Read More

  2. General Machinery & Equipment Suppliers

    NIKO sliding door fittings can be used in every heavy-duty application and provide cost-effective and practical solutions. For panel weight ranging from 10kg to 2000kg.

  3. General Machinery & Equipment Suppliers

    The NIKO conveyor system gives us an economic and flexible solution in conveyor systems for loads from 5kg to 1600kg. The manual operation of our systems can also be combined with an electric lifting-lowering winch while there is also the... Read More

  4. Hydraulics & Pneumatics

    Pneumatic Manipulators are designed for precision handling of loads up to 480kg. They are particularly suitable for moving and lifting overhanging loads with a working radius up to 3.2m. Various types of control can be used according to the specific... Read More

  5. Power Systems & Equipment

    The NIKO Light Crane System provides an economic and versatile solution to conventional overhead crane systems particularly when there is a height and space restriction. The systems are suitable for loads from 5kg up to 1000kg and can be either... Read More

  6. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Mechanical Vacuum Lifters do not rely on plant power, outside controls, or complex accessories. These self-contained units create their own vacuum mechanically, giving them unmatched versatility for use in metal fabricating plants, service centres,... Read More

  7. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    Vacuum Coil Lifters - Designed for handling all types of coils: metal, film, paper or plastic, in a horizontal or vertical position. - Multi-chambered heads can handle different diameter and size loads independently, making these lifters extremely... Read More

  8. Vacuum Lifting Technology

    These Standard Vacuum Tube Lift Systems have a wide range of applications and have traditionally been the most popular choice for users. They are availaable in tube diameters of 160 mm (6.3") for the Model VT160, 180 mm (7.1") for the Model VT180... Read More