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  1. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    This new walk behind sweeper to the Hako range comes with swivelling handlebar for easy access to and opening of the dirt hopper and to throw in coarse debris, parking brake with automatic release when starting the machine.

  2. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The Hako-Jonas 1200 is the perfect machine for rapid and particularly economical vacuum sweeping of multi-storey car parks, warehouse and production buildings and permanent outdoor facilities such as promenades etc.

  3. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    Dust-free sweeping. Extremely economical. Whilst comfortably seated. Area performance, up to 7200m²; cleanliness/hour. Indoors and outdoors. Compact, ride-on vacuum sweeper Hako-Jonas 900.

  4. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    Extremely economical vacuum sweeping. Choice of high dump. Up to 7200m² cleanliness/hour. For indoor and outdoor use. The compact, ride-on vacuum sweepers Hako-Jonas 980/980H.

  5. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    Simple Sweeping... Hand-pushed sweeping machine - Ten times quicker than a dustpan and brush!

  6. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The Hako Citymaster 1200 has been tailor-made to meet the high demands placed on professional street and footpath cleaning

  7. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The Hako Citymaster 1200 is the most powerful vacuum sweeper in its class for professional street and footpath cleaning.  It suits a wide range of applications

  8. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    There's a lot to do in the city. The Hako Citymaster 2000 sets new standards in terms of use and driver comfort

  9. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The excellent sweeping performance and extreme manoeuverability make the Hako Citymaster 300 the optimum economical solution for city cleaning.

  10. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The Flipper + is an intelligent solution for quick and easy cleaning. The dust is swept and collected into a self collecting hopper with the aid of the main broom and side brush.