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  1. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The tough and robust NEPTUNE 7 combines low running costs, ease of use, low noise and high cleaning efficiency.

  2. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The ALPHA BOOSTER line offers two models for everyday cleaning in agriculture, butchers, bakers, around swimming pools and in garages and car rental companies.

  3. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    2-pump stationary cold water unit for medium and heavy cleaning applications in agriculture, milking sheds, industry, food industry and shipping.

  4. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    Hot water stationary unit for permanent placement outside for use in fleet, haulage sectors or in slaughterhouse delivery yards.

  5. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The sturdy and robust semi professional pressure washer that easily handles any application in a reliable, effective and powerful way.

  6. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The compact cold water line that combines high performance level for increased cleaning efficiency, ergonomics and durability for superior everyday cleaning.

  7. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The semi-professional cold water line combining high performance level for increased cleaning efficiency, ergonomic design and robustness for superior everyday cleaning.

  8. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The ultimate industrial cold water unit with high water flow and high pressure. Ideal for agriculture, industry or food industry.

  9. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The POSEIDON 8 is a model for everyday cleaning in agriculture, construction, food or transport industry.

  10. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    High performance, unbeatable ergonomics, low noise levels and easy servicing make this an unmatchable pressure washer.