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  1. Belts & Belting Equipment

    Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™, Gates most powerful synchronous belt, has been designed for optimum performance on high torque, low and high speed drives in any industrial application.

  2. Belts & Belting Equipment

    Designed for the toughest, dirtiest and most aggressive applications and environments, Gates Predator® construction is what sets it apart from any other v-belt.

  3. Belts and Hoses

    Transfer of potable water, non-potable water or liquids not containing oils or chemicals from a supply ship to an offshore drilling rig or platform.

  4. Belts and Hoses

    Beyond peak performance, Gates hydraulic systems offer you safety. The LifeGuard™ Line-of-Sight Sleeving System is the first true protection in line-of-sight hydraulic applications.

  5. Belts and Hoses

    MegaCrimp couplings give you a leak-proof seal that’s so innovative, it’s patented. In fact, it surpassed one million impulse cycles during design testing.

  6. Belts and Hoses

    Gates GlobalSpiral coupling offers inventory reduction and no-skive convenience

  7. Belts and Hoses

    One of the most common causes of hydraulic leaks is a cracked coupling nut or seat due to over-torquing.

  8. Belts and Hoses

    Lock in savings and Lock out leaks with Gates

  9. Belts and Hoses

    Introduced back in 2001, TuffCoat™ plating set the "gold" standard in corrosion resistance.

  10. Belts and Hoses

    Tank truck, barge, ship, or storage tank suction and discharge transfer applications, particularly those involving highly corrosive acids and chemicals.