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    Centorr (Vacuum Industries) furnaces are advanced design high-temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere type suitable for high temperature materials processing.

  2. Furnaces

    Furnace Engineering offers a wide range of Laboratory Furnaces. Applications for laboratory furnaces include:

  3. Furnaces

    Furnace Engineering manufactures and offers a wide range of Annealing Furnaces for the heat treatment of various alloys.

  4. Furnaces

    Furnace Engineering manufactures a wide range of Bogie Hearth Furnaces designed for heat treating large loads.

  5. Furnaces

    Furnace Engineering together with Nabertherm offers a range of Crucible Furnaces for melting and holding requirements. The range starts from a small 1 litre bench top furnace up to the large 400 litre capacity furnace..

  6. Furnaces

    Furnace Engineering partnering with Striko Westofen offers the Westomat Aluminium Dosing Furnace to aluminium diecastors.

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    Furnace Engineering manufactures the Aluminium Bale Out Holding Furnaces which provide energy efficient and high metal quality to the aluminium diecasting plant.

  8. Furnaces

    Furnace Engineering manufactures a wide range of Solution Heat Treatment Furnaces from simple batch systems to the large & complex continuous systems.

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    Furnace Engineering designs and offers the Aluminium Tower/Shaft Melting and Holding Furnace for the high efficiency melting of ingots and casting returns.

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    Furnace Engineering manufactures (PCP) Burn-Off Furnaces for stripping electric motor stators, armatures, transformers & field coils without damaging the base metal.