Flir Systems Australia

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  1. Gas Detection Analysis & Testing

    The FLIR GF-Series thermal cameras are specially made to find gas leaks even in the areas that are extremely hard to access, such as pipelines, tanks and large facilities. Gas detection can now be done safely and efficiently without the need of... Read More

  2. Hardware & Software

    FLIR’s SC range of thermal cameras are ideally suited to many applications in the research and development where accuracy and reliability are vitally important.

  3. Machine Vision Equipment

    Industrial automation is often implemented to improve the safety in the monitoring process and increase the quality of production.

  4. Machine Vision Equipment

    FLIR markets a full range of thermal imaging cameras from handheld to fixed systems.

  5. Security & Monitoring Systems

      FLIR Commercial Security Systems  

  6. Security & Monitoring Systems

    Thermal imaging cameras are the perfect tools for security and law enforcement applications

  7. Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    Infrared thermography has proven to be an invaluable tool to solve a wide range of scientific questions and problesm.  FLIR has developed the widest range of infrared cameras for the R&D and science sector.

  8. Test Measurement & Instrumentation

      FLIR Systems is a pioneer in thermal imaging solutions. Since 1978, the company has been producing advanced systems and components for a full range of thermal imaging applications. Introducing the FLIR Infrared Cameras.

  9. Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    Infrared cameras from FLIR are useful in detecting energy waste and other electrical problems in buildings. With the help of infrared cameras, it is easier for inspectors to locate the areas where energy loss takes place.

  10. Test Measurement & Instrumentation

    A FLIR thermal imager is a great instrument in providing an accurate scan and visualization of machinery and electrical equipment.