Fastron Electronics

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  1. Power Electronics

    IGBT Drivers (Single, Dual and Six-Pack)

  2. Power Electronics

    Ratings greater than 1Megawatt. Single phase, three phase, multi-phase and DC configurations with snubbers and suppressors. AC switches, DC bridges, Dropping/Blocking diodes.

  3. Power Electronics

    PCB mount pulse transformers for isolated thyristor and transistor gate drives Available with two secondary windings Turns ratio up to 3:1 100ma to 1000ma firing current

  4. Power Electronics

    Isolation up to 2.5kV. Ratings greater than 1000A and 600VAC. Wide range of configurations available including AC switches, half and full controlled bridges and virtually any Thyristor/Diode combinations.

  5. Power Electronics

    No isolation between water path and electrical circuit for low voltage applications . Ratings greater than 2000A Range of Thyristor/Diode combinations

  6. Power Electronics

    Single and three phase bridge rectifiers including half and full controlled types with and without flywheel diode. Single AC switches half and full controlled. Triple AC switches.

  7. Power Electronics

    200A up to 2400A and 3300V 1, 2 and 6 pack configurations Choppers (IGBT/Diode) and Dual Fast Diodes also available.

  8. Power Electronics

    Isolated Modules 10A up to 200A and 1700V 3 and 6 pack IGBT's

  9. Power Electronics

    Isolated Modules. 25A up to 400A and 1700V Single/dual IGBT's and chopper (1 IGBT &1 Diode) types.

  10. Power Electronics

    TT/TD/DT/DD and TZ, DT types available from 61A to 950A, 800V to 4400V. Models also available in common cathode or common anode configurations. Normal and Fast devices.