Fastron Electronics

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  1. General Products & Services

    Design and Development. Custom Thyristor/Diode/Transistor Heat Sink Assemblies. Thyristor Power Controllers (OZtherm) for all types of Heating and Rectification applications.

  2. Power Electronics

    Isolated Modules 10A up to 200A and 1700V 3 and 6 pack IGBT's

  3. Power Electronics

    Isolated Modules. 25A up to 400A and 1700V Single/dual IGBT's and chopper (1 IGBT &1 Diode) types.

  4. Power Electronics

    TT/TD/DT/DD and TZ, DT types available from 61A to 950A, 800V to 4400V. Models also available in common cathode or common anode configurations. Normal and Fast devices.

  5. Power Electronics

    Diodes and Bridges, PCB and module type, 1Amp to 50 Amp, 50 Volt to 1600 Volt. Triacs, TO-220 types to 35Amp, SCR's to 55 Amp.

  6. Power Electronics

    Integrated function module comprising an input rectifier, brake chopper and IGBT inverter with embedded thermistor for accurate temperature feedback. (Also available without brake chopper) 10A up to 50A and 1200V

  7. Power Electronics

    Diodes from 22A to 500A, 200V to 1700V, cathode or anode to stud, imperial or metric thread 22A to 80A types can be supplied with or without leads Thyristors from 25A to 220A, anode to stud, imperial or metric thread

  8. Power Electronics

    Thyristors :- 178A to 3400A, 200V to 8000V Diodes :- 428A to 8019A, 200V to 10000V Normal or fast types

  9. Power Electronics

    Combination filters for power inlet line filtering (Single phase only). Up to 10A rating

  10. Power Electronics

    Single and three phase filters Metal case panel mounted types Ratings to 250A