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  1. Energy Efficiency

    The TruEdge 2 Plasma Cutting Machine is the standard in industrial heavy duty plasma cutting, delivering extended cutting capabiities with quality consistent cutting which gives you the reliable industrial plasma cutting that can be trusted.

  2. Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment

    The Farley LaserLab Hercules is designed for the light to medium machinery and structural steel market where there are usually fewer operations on a plate and speed is more important and capital budgets are more constrained.

  3. Metal Fabrication

    Farley LaserLab Australia is working together with the Hypertherm USA and AUS Teams to give customers the latest in High Definition Plasma Cutting which is syncing Farley LaserLab's proven reliability in building heavy duty industrial machines wit

  4. Metalworking Machinery & Equipment

    The Magician has been designed for those operators who often have batch work that is most suited to multi- torch cutting yet do not have the overall volume of work that would justify the expenditure on the Trident or Phoenix

  5. Metalworking Machinery & Equipment

    The Trident is ideally suited to high volume cutting environments such as shipyards, steel service & distribution centers and shops where large parts or large batches of parts need to be processed on a regular basis.