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  1. Air

    Single Line Sample Panel Predesigned system for any water or steam application.

  2. Air

    This sight flow indicator is ideal for you to visually check the flow, presence, colour and condition of a liquid.

  3. Air

    Digital or analog mass flow meters, regardless of manufacturer, serve a single measure the flow of gases through a system. Mass flow meters must be accurate, versatile, dependable and cost effective.

  4. Air

    Gas and Liquid flow measurement - One solution to all applications. Customised scales - Precisely matched to specific conditions. Choice of 3 scale lengths - Optimum readability

  5. Educational & Training Providers

    A series of simple but stimulating experiments that each fit onto a common work panel. The experiments explore different aspects of static equilibrium.

  6. Educational & Training Providers

    Aeronautic products designed for education and training

  7. Educational & Training Providers

    TecQuipment’s highly cost-effective, versatile and easy-to-use TASK range teaches the principles of mechanical engineering. It offers a highly flexible and safe method to develop hands-on experiments.

  8. Educational & Training Providers

    An awareness of the way machines work is fundamental to most engineering courses. Students need to understand the principles of mechanical advantage, cams, vibration and mechanical movement to give them a solid foundation.

  9. Educational & Training Providers

    Safe, practical, realistic TecQuipment developed its Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer range alongside educationalists and students.

  10. Educational & Training Providers

    TheCoolTool® - state of the art, innovative and technical convincing small scale machinery.