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  1. Actuators & Valves

    Solenoid Valves for refrigeration applications, standard types for fluorinated refrigerants and ammonia (R 717) as well as solenoid valves for water and brine.

  2. Air Conditioning

    The Danfoss compressor range goes from small direct current hermetic compressors for mobile applications up to large scroll compressors for commercial air conditioning or industrial applications.

  3. Air Conditioning

    The Danfoss Condensing Units cover a wide range from small solar powered units to large units for commercial refrigeration. A wide variety of special versions and options are available to comply with local legislation and/or climate conditions..

  4. Air Conditioning

    The valves are especially designed for protection of components against excessive pressure and to meet the strict quality demands and safety requirements for industrial refrigeration installations, specified by international classification societies.

  5. Air Conditioning

    Temperature sensors, pressure transmitters, liquid level control transmitters and gas detection sensors for electronic control of refrigeration applications.

  6. Air Conditioning

    Electronically operated valves for refrigeration systems are used in conjunction with electronic controls, typically from the Danfoss range of ADAP-KOOL® controllers.

  7. Air Conditioning

    Stop and regulating valves are manually operated valves for use in industrial refrigeration applications where for instance a pipe section needs to be shut-off during service and maintenance.

  8. Air Conditioning

    The range of filter driers cover both hermetic filter driers and filter driers with exchangeable core. The hermetic filter drier is delivered with various functions: standard filter drier, bi-flow filter drier, combi filter drier and burn-out filter...

  9. Air Conditioning

    Thermostatic Expansion Valves are available as parts programme, i.e. with separate valve body and orifice assemblies, or as complete valves (fixed orifice).The category also contains Thermostatic Injection Valves.

  10. Air Conditioning

    Pressure controlled water valves are used for regulating the flow of water in refrigeration plants with water-cooled condensers.