Complete Surface Finishing (CSF Robotics)

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  1. General Products & Services

    Surface Cleaning and Surface Activations

  2. Grinding Machines

    This machine applies a soft character of sand bands and simulates the effect of a plastic roller. It can resolve operations difficult for sand grinding and unfinished works treatment. More importantly, the machine has the following advantages

  3. Grinding Machines

    This grinding machine is specially designed for straight and flat working pieces. No wave trace on the surface.

  4. Grinding Machines

    This vertical grinding machine can be used to chamfer the burr off glass with its flushing device.

  5. Grinding Machines

    The high stability of this machine enables it to operate without shaking even when the ground bolts are not applied!

  6. Grinding Machines

    This buffing machine has the same functions as ST-401, plus the cover of the buffing wheels are adjustable both forward and backward thus making operation more convenient and easy.

  7. Machining Centres

    Specially made for work pieces that requires hair line effect, such as leather accessories, cutlery, electronic plates, radiator fins, leather buckles, watch straps, telephone panels...etc..

  8. Machining Centres

    The reciprocating surface of this polishing and buffing machine is suitable for sand grinding or mirror polishing. It's also suitable for polishing the surfaces of different materials such as watch straps, metal plates, electronic parts...etc.

  9. Machining Centres

    The best polishing machine for smaller production runs with a variety of items. It's also suitable for irregularly shaped working pieces. One mould is able to keep several working pieces

  10. Machining Centres

    With 18 working honing spindles on the rotary, the rotary table and working pieces rotate continuously and the speed of the rotary is able to be adjusted both fast and slow according to the job difficulty of the working pieces