Colonial Weighing Australia

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  1. Heavy industrial scales; Silo

    Model: TRUCKER AXLE SCALE Capacity:

  2. Heavy industrial scales; Silo

    Model: TRUCKMATE 2t Capacity: 2t Wheel

  3. Heavy industrial scales; Silo

    Model: TRUCKMATE PORTABLE AXLE SCALE Capacity: up to 40t Wheel

  4. Hospital

    Heavy Weight Series

  5. Hospital

    High Quality Bathroom Scale

  6. Hospital

    Model: HOM-388 MECHANICAL DIAL SEAT SCALE Capacity: 114kg x 500g  

  7. Hospital

    Model: HOM-402KL WEIGHTWATCHER SCALE Capacity: 160kg x 100g > Height Rod > Durable Non Peel Platform Coating > Large Engraved Error Free Numbers Readable From Both Sides

  8. Hospital

    Capacity: 200kg x 100g > User Friendly > Portable Fold Away Side Arms > Fold up Footrest > Mechanical Beam With Large Easy to Read Kg/Lb Number > Unitised Metal Frame & Easy Clean Sanitary

  9. Hospital

    Model: WCS-200 3 IN 1 WHEEL CHAIR SCALE Capacity: 200kg x 100g

  10. Hospital

    Model: BW-150 PERSONAL SCALE Capacity: 10kg x 20g, 20kg x 50g, 150kg x 100g > Platform Size: 330mm x 280mm > User Friendly> Programmable Memory for 5 People> Battery Operated / AC Adaptor> Weight Gain & Loss Calculation