CNC Design Pty Ltd

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  1. Machine Retrofit
    Consultants & System Integrators

    Retrofits and modernization give your machines a new lease on life and extend the life cycle of machines and systems

  2. Mechatronic support
    Consultants & System Integrators

    For modern machines to fulfil the ever increasing requirements regarding productivity, flexibility and quality an optimal interaction between mechanical, electrical/electronic systems and software is required.

  3. Siemens Automation Controller – SIMATIC S7-300 PLC
    Control Systems & PLCs

    To be able to automate your machines and plants economically and flexibly, you need optimum solutions for every application area.

  4. Siemens CNC Controller - SINUMERIK 802D
    Control Systems & PLCs

    The SINUMERIK 802D sl is a panel-based NC for standardized turning and milling machines. It provides the features that are especially required in the lower performance range.

  5. Siemens CNC Controller - SINUMERIK 840D
    Control Systems & PLCs

    The CNC system for demanding solutions - It provides a system platform with trend-setting functions for almost all technologies. Thanks to the scalable hardware and software, SINUMERIK line opens up almost limitless application opportunities.

  6. Siemens Motion Controller – SIMOTION
    Control Systems & PLCs

    State-of-the-art machines must continually fulfil even higher requirements. No matter what requirements you place on your machine: SIMOTION The scalable motion control system offers you the highest degree of flexibility.

  7. Siemens Total Integration Automation – HMI, I/O’s
    Control Systems & PLCs

    We provide a comprehensive range of products and systems for efficient automation of the entire production workflow.

  8. Service & Support
    General Products & Services

    CNC Design serves machines from the initial idea and concept through operation to retrofitting.

  9. AMO AMOSIN - Inductive Length and Angle Measuring Systems

    Machine construction places the highest demand on the precision and reliability of measuring systems. Machine precision, in the range of micrometers, is hard to achieve in the very dirty environment found in machine tool operation.

  10. Güdel Gear units – Worm- and Planetary Gears

    We offer a wide range of precision gear units from a 30 to 180 size, up to a maximum of 8000 Nm, a ratio range from 2:1 up to 60:1 and with down to 50 Arc Sec Backlash.