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  3. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The ClarkClean AirMover is so easy to use that all you need to do is set it at your desired angle, plug it in and let it do the work for you.

  4. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    Aqua Perl is a multi-purpose combination unit that can be used as an extractor vacuum or wet and dry vacuum with water filtration for allergy sufferers. It can also be used as a spray extractor. Technical Specifications:

  5. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The powerful and high performance DS7 steam extractor has a steam generator that kills bacteria and hygienically cleans on any surface and a vacuum system to recover the dirt.

  6. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    TW Compact is a highly productive self-contained commercial carpet extractor. Its adjustable handle and compact design ensures easy professional carpet cleaning.

  7. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The little professional spray-extractor TW300S is a compact power package on 4 casters. It is extremely adaptable and can be used for carpet washing, hard floor cleaning, vacuum cleaning and water pick up.

  8. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    TW383 is a compact and easy to use self-contained commercial carpet extractor. TW383 has an adjustable hand bar and is great for use in narrow places and stairs.

  9. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    The ClarkClean EziXtract range of portable extractors represents the best value portable machines on the market. They are robust, feature packed and look great!

  10. Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

    Need heat for your cold water extractor? The HeatRite 2000 can provide up to 88 degrees of cleaning solution to your wand, continuously! This unit is suitable for portable extractors or truckmounts. Technical Specifications: