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  1. General Hardware

    Stainless Steel IBC's

  2. General Hardware

    CCR water storage tank price list. Capacity, dimensions and price.

  3. General Hardware


  4. General Hardware

    CCR Plascon manufacture a new dangerous Goods rated Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) approved for top lifting to AS4991 and EN 12079 which allows approved transfer of IBCs from Ship to Rig.

  5. General Hardware

    Similar to the IBC A Grade but not rated for food grade. Guaranteed that units have only been used once and were not used for herbicides, pesticides or poisons. Suitable for use as new units for chemical industry.

  6. General Hardware

    These units are suitable for portable water and are in clean unblemished condition. No dents or starches. Represent excellent value, in comparison to price of new.

  7. General Hardware

    Slight wear and tear, represent good value and certainly our most popular unit for fleet and volume buyers. Units can be supplied with new valves .

  8. General Hardware

    Some bladder color staining, may contain some dents and starching but still very suitable for transport of chemicals and non portable water. The units have been cleaned and decontaminated and were not used for Pesticides or herbicides.

  9. General Hardware

    Considerable staining, dents and starching. Suitable for fire fighting and tree watering. Units have been cleaned and decontaminated but because of age and condition we cannot establish previous use.

  10. General Hardware

    Industrial Chemical Tanks