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  1. Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    Campbell Scientific - The powerful CR1000 data logger is our most popular model, due to its high flexibility and reliability in the field. The logger is ideal for long-term, remote deployment.

  2. Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    The CR200 data logger model is our smallest logger specifically designed for basic applications on a budget. Its input channel configuration and small size is optimal for projects requiring only one or two sensor measurements

  3. Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    The CR3000 high performance data logger is a self-contained rugged data acquisition system designed for applications where high speed and accuracy are required.

  4. Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    Our CR800 data logger series are ideal for small to medium long term or remote projects, but with added peripherals can be used in large scale applications

  5. Instrumentation & Measurement

    Customising a weather station to suit your needs is ideal for users who require specific sensors/measurements or want the option to expand the stations capabilities in years to come.

  6. Instrumentation & Measurement

    An Eddy Covariance Station (commonly also referred to as an EC System) is a highly accurate, reseach grade system that measures water vapour, CO2 or heat fluxes using the eddy covariance technique.

  7. Instrumentation & Measurement

    The ET107 weather station our most popular preconfigured weather station with a standard sensor set. The station is easy to install and is designed for permanent applications – ideal for golf courses, turf management, crop management

  8. Instrumentation & Measurement

    The HydroSense Soil Moisture System provides instant, accurate soil water content measurements in one complete portable package