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  1. Networking Hardware

    Duobond® Plus consists of a Duofoil® II (foil tape) surrounded by an 80% braid and an outer layer of foil with a shorting fold. This unique construction provides optimum shielding effectiveness.

  2. Networking Hardware

    The Belden fiber optic cable line offers two different kind of rodent protection:

  3. Networking Hardware

    Available for OpenRail, MACH and OCTOPUS, Hirschmann™’s Industrial Profiles are a valuable addition to the managed switches‘ firmware.

  4. Networking Hardware

    Used in a wide range of applications such as security systems, pro audio, sound and intercom systems, annunciators and power-limited controls. Also featured as part of this range are KNX/EIB approved cables and LonWorks® cables for use with the... Read More

  5. Networking Hardware

    All copper ports are 10/100 Mbps, uplink ports are 100 Mbps Standard features include:

  6. Networking Hardware

    Featuring semi-tight buffer and tight buffer technology for easy cable preparation duringtermination. Semi-tight buffered fiber cables are available in dry constructions with excellent strippablility properties (less than or equal to 100 cm). Tight-... Read More

  7. Networking Hardware

    A compact platform that allows for up to 24-ports in a mere 12 cm of DIN rail. Available in managed and unmanaged versions (only the RS20-04 switch is not available in an unmanaged version). • RS20 Available as a managed and unmanaged switch, 4 x, 8... Read More

  8. Networking Hardware

    All copper ports are 10/100 Mbps, uplink ports are Gigabit Standard features include:

  9. Networking Hardware

    OCTOPUS IP67 Switches

  10. Networking Hardware

    Composite cables simplify a multiple use installation by combining Belden data cables, coaxial cables, paired and multi-conductor cables and fiber optic cables in a single-pull product. Installation of these cables means that residential properties... Read More