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  1. Networking Hardware

    Our FiberExpress® Patch Cord assemblies are of the highest quality available. They areassembled and 100 percent optically tested in our factory prior to shipment.

  2. Networking Hardware

    The specification for digital audio was developed jointly by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) & European Broadcast Union (EBU). The key difference between twisted pair specifications for digital audio cable and standard analog audio cable is... Read More

  3. Networking Hardware

    The Belden IBDN system 4800LX combines the power and performance of our PS6 connectivity products with our break-through series 4800LX UTP cables to provide industry's first true endto- end 300 MHz cabling system. Systems components include:... Read More

  4. Networking Hardware

    Broadcast truck owners and operators always appreciate the chance to reduce the size and/or weight of any component being carried. Lighter weight Belden mobile optical fiber cable with PUR jacket is extreme rugged and designed for despooling and... Read More

  5. Networking Hardware

    A modular and flexible platform that facilitates an almost limitless variety of port variations while allowing users to change the switch’s port density and configuration on the fly using hot-plug Media Modules (see page 38). Only available as a... Read More

  6. Networking Hardware

    These components can be used with tightbuffered or loose-tube optical fiber cables andthey can be tailored to specific needs in terms of density and management. See the following Data Sheets for more information: 1U Rack-mount 2U Rack-mount 3U Rack-... Read More

  7. Networking Hardware

    Specially designed for the broadcast industry, Belden’s full family of multi-pair audio “Snake” cables feature different options and constructions for virtually every application.

  8. Networking Hardware

    The AngleFlex Patch Panel Series is a new line of patch panels that provides better manageability and improved installation flexibility for Data Center and Telecommunications Room installations. AngleFlex Patch Panels are available in 24-port/1U and... Read More

  9. Networking Hardware

    MICE Backplane Extension• MB-2T – 2-slot backplane extension for MS20-16, MS30-16 and MS4128. Only one per switch for a maximum of six slots to the right of the backplane head module.• MB20-2TAHH – Same as above, but with -40°C up to +70°C

  10. Networking Hardware

    Wall-mount Patch Panels are ruggedly constructed plus they constitute an economical solution for the protection of fiber terminations and splices in hostile environments.