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  1. Networking Hardware

    To support a wide range of facility monitoring, security and asset protection applications, including closed-circuit television (CCTV), CCTV plus audio or power, CCTV Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera control, and card reader/sensor systems.

  2. Networking Hardware

    Going above and beyond the capabilities of the already rugged Hirschmann™ switches, these ruggedized switches are extremely immune to noise and able to provide maximum uptime in extreme environmental conditions. Fast Ethernet MACH1000The MACH1000... Read More

  3. Networking Hardware

    The SPIDER family of switches provides users with an economical, yet highly reliable Ethernet switch. All copper /RJ45 ports are 10/100 auto-negotiating and auto-crossing – the SPIDERS will work with either patch or cross-over cables. The fiber... Read More

  4. Networking Hardware

    Fast Ethernet• M-FAST SFP-MM/LC 100BASE-FX, 5 km 50/125 μm MM, 4 km 62.5/12.5 μm MM• M-FAST SFP-MM/LC EEC 100BASE-FX, 5 km 50/125 μm MM, 4 km 62.5/12.5 μm MM• M-FAST SFP-SM/LC 100BASE-FX, 25 km 9/125 μm SM• M-FAST SFP-SM/LC EEC 100BASE-FX, 25 km 9/... Read More

  5. Networking Hardware

    Capable of providing as many as 48 Gigabit ports and three 10 Gigabit ports, the MACH4000 is the utlimate high-density Layer 2/3 Gigabit backbone switch for mission-critical applications requiring high-availability and high port densities. The... Read More

  6. Networking Hardware

    These switches offer advanced features such as redundant power inputs and most offer fault relay (triggerable by loss of power and/or port-link). Standard features include:

  7. Networking Hardware

    Belden’s diverse Shipboard cable line is designed to implement a wide range of shipboard audio, video, security, networking and control applications. The range of low smoke zero halogen Shipboard cables deliver high-end audio and video quality on... Read More

  8. Networking Hardware

    These media modules provide maximum flexibility, with 10/100/1000 Mbps over Twisted Pair or 100/1000 Mbps over optical fiber with data transmission ranges of more than 80 km. MACH4000 Media Modules• M4-8TP-RJ45 8x10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45 (no 1000 Mbps... Read More

  9. Networking Hardware

    The FiberExpress® Bar is a compact fiber patch panel that consists of a custom length fibercable with a factory pre-terminated minipatch panel at one end and a factory installedmulti-fiber MPO connector at the other end.

  10. Networking Hardware

    The ST series is perfectly suited for power supplies and signal transmission in all industrial installations and in machine construction. In addition, its use covers numerous applications in building automation. In the field of sun protection, the... Read More