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  1. Networking Hardware

    Cost-effective Fast Ethernet Switches The best solutions are usually the most simple ones. In practical industrial Ethernet applications, users of high performance, intelligent power switches may also be looking for minimal management, and more... Read More

  2. Networking Hardware

    Belden analog audio cables are used for connecting line level audio equipment, in either permanent or semi-permanent installations. They consist of one or two individually foilshielded, twisted pairs. Once installed, they are not intended to be... Read More

  3. Networking Hardware

    The sensor connectors and cables are distinguished by the multitude of available standard and special types and are optimally suited for use in many areas of automation and other technologies. The portfolio comprises plug connectors in the model... Read More

  4. Networking Hardware

    RSR-XX Ruggedized Gigabit Ethernet switches for DIN rail Standard features include:

  5. Networking Hardware

    In order to ensure high availability of machines and plants, the I /O modules installed in harsh industrial environments must be able to meet the highest electro-mechanical demands. Due to the material of the housing and the casting techniques, the... Read More

  6. Networking Hardware

    To ensure that Belden’s ControlBus cables meet the high-speed, time-critical requirements for the operation of ControlNet™ factory-floor systems, these Low-Loss RG-6/U Type coaxes incorporate a Duobond® Quad Shield for maximum signal integrity and... Read More

  7. Networking Hardware

    A high speed VPN, firewall, and routing solution all in one package, the EAGLE20 allows users to achieve the highest level of security for Industrial Ethernet networks. All security functions are integrated into the self-contained independent... Read More

  8. Networking Hardware

    LioN-Link is of interest in cases where the machines or plants have distributed I/Oconcentrations in limited space conditions. LioN-Link consists of bus couplers and I /Omodules. The bus couplers are used for linking the I /O modules to the... Read More

  9. Networking Hardware

    Belden provides an extensive line of DeviceBus® cables which are typically designated as either Class 1 (600 V) or Class 2 (300 V) “Thick,” “Thin,” or “Mid” cable. They can be used for either trunk or drop applications, dependent on the system speed... Read More

  10. Networking Hardware

    Suitable for a wide range of applications, including security systems, sound and intercom systems, power-limited controls, fire and burglar alarm systems, single-line telephones, and more.