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  1. Networking Hardware

    Hirschmann™’s Rail Transceivers convert between RJ45 and fiber ports. For applications that require additional RJ45 ports (as shown below), we would like to recommend using a switch with a fiber optic port(s). SPIDER 1/TX/1FXSPIDER 1/TX/1FX... Read More

  2. Networking Hardware

    The Belden range of Fieldbus cables is complemented by an extensive range of Industrial Ethernet cabling offering the same superior performance for Ethernet based applications. With high foil and braided shield coverage to maintain signal integrity... Read More

  3. Networking Hardware

    Central loose tube cables are designed either for indoor/outdoor application or outdoor use only as direct burial, duct and outside tray. For better performance, Belden® only uses (non-dripping and silicone-free) jelly-filled loose tubes. The... Read More

  4. Networking Hardware

    A House is More than a HomeThe intelligent home is here – a living, working, entertaining, learning place. Cables tie the whole experience together providing high quality, superior performance, proven reliability and wide choice to meet all the... Read More

  5. Networking Hardware

    Ideally suited for auditing and monitoring network connections and throughputs, Industrial HiVision permits users to have realtime feedback from multiple switches regarding the network and link status. The application’s GUI illustrates the network... Read More

  6. Networking Hardware

    Specifically designed for use during severe fires where a low-smoke, zero-halogen cable isrequired to maintain circuit integrity.

  7. Networking Hardware

    The Belden fiber optic cable line offers two different kind of rodent protection:

  8. Networking Hardware

    Available for OpenRail, MACH and OCTOPUS, Hirschmann™’s Industrial Profiles are a valuable addition to the managed switches‘ firmware.

  9. Networking Hardware

    Duobond® Plus consists of a Duofoil® II (foil tape) surrounded by an 80% braid and an outer layer of foil with a shorting fold. This unique construction provides optimum shielding effectiveness.

  10. Networking Hardware

    All copper ports are 10/100 Mbps, uplink ports are 100 Mbps Standard features include: