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  1. Sensors & Transducers

    Extend sensor's life in welding applicationsBalluff's new Slagmaster(tm) coating technology dramatically increases sensor life in resistance welding applications. This coating can be applied to inductive proximity sensors with virtually no sensor... Read More

  2. Sensors & Transducers


  3. Sensors & Transducers

    The New BWL L-Shaped Self-Contained Thru-Beam Sensor Balluff’s new BWL L-shaped thru-beam sensor was designed especially for hazardous duty situations.

  4. Sensors & Transducers

    Productivity and safety count among the essential requirements of automated manufacturing systems. In materials handling technology, safety light barriers with a muting function can ensure the safety of personnel at all times, without holding up the... Read More

  5. Sensors & Transducers

    The position of moving plant and machine parts can be measured with hitherto unattainable accuracy using the new AMS 200 laser distance measuring devices.

  6. Sensors & Transducers

    The Leuze electronic 46 series has been extended to include an exciting new highlight: Diffuse reflection light scanner IHRT 46/4.01-800-S12 with background suppression. Due to the use of particularly intensive infrared light, this diffuse... Read More

  7. Sensors & Transducers

    The Leuze Lumiflex COMPACT Plus Light curtains are now available with Blanking (fixed blanking or floating blanking), integrated muting interface, ASi Safe, relay or solid state interfaces. Certified to safety cat. 4 and AS4024 equivelents they... Read More