Australian Warehouse Solutions

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  1. Export Solutions

    Made on brand new "state of the art" extruders this unique 7-layer pallet wrap has a tough outer layer to prevent punctures and high-stretch inner layers to give performance and strength.

  2. Export Solutions

    Stretchmaster Premium – Finally quality pallet wrap at a good price! Stretchmaster Premium Pallet Wrap is specifically formulated for stretchwrap equipment with pre-stretch heads.

  3. Industrial Products

    Australian Warehouse Solutions - AWS provides a complete range of tape sealing machines to suit most applications. Our machine are built for dependable performance and easy operation. Options of Carton Tape Sealing Machines Include :

  4. Office Stationary

    Australian Warehouse Solutions - Imagine a pen that never dries out, a marker solution for every industry, a marker that is so versatile it can write on almost anything. ArroMarker W/Grip

  5. Office Stationary

    A marking solution for every industry. This unique patented rolling maker rights on every surfaces even through grease and oils. It's stainless steel, rolling-ball tip is designed to last.

  6. Painting Equipment

    Maintain your own car park or factory with Rhino Linemarking Paint. Rhino hard wearing acrylic line marking paint is an ideal way to create and maintain critical linemarking.

  7. Pallets & Palletising Equipment

    The OptiLedge is a robust and hygienic plastic pallet alternative. OptiLedge provides legs for forklift access. If goods are unitized, (a solid load) OptiLedge is a great alternative to traditional wooden pallets.

  8. Security

    Many shopping centres are now victims because they are secured inadequately. Crime professionals are looking mainly to steal stand-alone ATM machines and target speciality stores.

  9. Shrink & Pallet Wrapping

    The new Wulftec pallet wrappers have arrived in Australia, the features are remarkable. Included is factory-set 250% pre-stretch, load capacity up to 1.8 tonnes and virtually silent operation.

  10. Steel & Plastic Strapping

    Prevent pallets from collapsing with Angleboard corner protection. The bottom tier of cartons on a pallet often collapse under the weight of a load. High humitidy or temperature, double stacking or poor packaging techniques are usually the blame