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  1. Adhesives & Adhesive Tape

    Yaesu Tape dispensers offer fast reliable dispensing machines for your packaging needs.  The ZCUT series are so successful that numerous copies exist, however none of the copies are close to the quality of the original machines.  Yaesu have a rang

  2. General Machinery & Equipment Suppliers

    Cengar manufactures a range of rugged air hacksaws for the most demanding applications.  Their complete range of saws are ATEX approved and lead the industry in terms of power, vibration and noise levels.  These saws are perfect for the... Read More

  3. Hydraulics & Pneumatics

    Deprag are leading manufacturers of pneumatic gear motors.  Their range covers the power range of 20W upto 18kW, and includes stainless steel motors, ATEX approved motors and Brake motors for hazardous areas.  If their extensive range of motors do... Read More

  4. Packaging and Labelling

    Genuine Yaesu Keikogyo Co., Ltd label dispensers imported directly from Japan.   Take a label and the next one is quickly and automatically presented.

  5. Torque Tools

    Deprag are the screwdriving specialists.  They manufacture a complete range of screwdrivers, screwfeeders and screw assembly machines at their headquarters in Amberg, Germany.  Included in their range are pneumatic torque controlled screwdrivers,... Read More